25 years company anniversary - Mr. Marian Glodala

25 years company anniversary - Mr. Marian Glodala

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LSU Schäberle Service


Track and Trace

Safety through control and transparency
Don't lose sight of your goods!

With the help of our Track and Trace via Internet, you are practically able to monitor your consignments during the whole transport process. The barcodes assigned to each individual package are rescanned at each interface and data is fed directly into our central IT system.

You only need to enter your consignment barcode number to know whether your consignment has reached its destination. A service that makes it easier to plan just-in- time deliveries. Together with our short delivery times of 24/48 hours this gives you optimal flexibility.

Order Entry

Order entry, preparation of consignment notes, barcode labels and packing lists as well as shipment reports can be carried out online here. Time consuming phone calls and fax notifications fall by the wayside. No further

software is needed to use the program.
We should be pleased to explain the utilization and show the advantages by means of a demo-program. Just call Customer Service at: (+49) 07 11 / 83 00 9 - 10