25 years company anniversary - Mr. Marian Glodala

25 years company anniversary - Mr. Marian Glodala

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LSU Schäberle Logistik


Service and Performance.

We offer the widest possible palette of services: starting with warehousing, inspection, commissioning, finishing, labeling as well as measuring, weighing, counting, packing and distribution
through to executing comprehensive logistic solutions and outsourcing projects.

Consistent quality control management as well as IT supported voucherless warehouse administration and commissioning serve to make our service quality verifiable at any time.


Our logistics centre in Stuttgart with
excellent transport connections offers:

  • Storage capacity for over 49.000 pallets standard goods (partially heated)
  • Storage capacity for over 37.500 pallets dangerous goods
  • Comprehensive logistic solutions
  • Outsourcing projects

Enquiries to: logistik@lsu-schaeberle.com

Charter Germany, Europe, Eastern Europe

  • Full loads
  • Partial loads
  • Normal goods, dangerous goods, thermo-shipments
  • Vehicle types: tarpaulin/box, thermo-vehicles, mega-trailer